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Luminaest - Luminous (adjective) : bright or shining; Aesthetic (adjective) : the appreciation of beauty - Beauty Redefined

Now offering Sqt Bio-Microneedling

Feel beautiful in the skin you were born with


What does Bio-microneedling treat?

Active acne & pimple;

Acne scarringRefines overall texture & tone

Improves wrinkles/fine lines & open pores

Fades pigmentation & sunspots

Natural melanin inhibitor

Reduce sebum production, congestion& blackheads

Exfoliates dead skin cells & provides nourishment

Brightens dull appearance  

Stimulates collagen production

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Eyelash Lift & Tint Specialist in Ballarat

An eyelash lift is a great alternative to eyelash extensions, enhancing your natural lashes by lifting, thickening and lengthening from the root to tip, lasting up to 6-8weeks.​ In one simple appointment, a lash lift will curl even the straightest lashes, opening up the windows to your soul. A tint to your lash lift will enhance your eyes without needing to apply mascara. The best part, minimal maintenance required! 

Services by Luminaest are available at our home salon in Ballarat Central or in the comfort of your own in Ballarat or the Eastern suburbs of metropolitan Melbourne.

Our Services

  • Get eye-popping results by creating a natural curl and lift

    2 hr

    70 Australian dollars
  • Intensify your eyelash lift by darkening them with a tint

    2 hr

    80 Australian dollars
  • Our usual service at a special discount for students.

    2 hr

    50 Australian dollars
  • Our usual service at a special discount for students.

    2 hr

    60 Australian dollars
  • The in between stage where you're still loving your lash lift but need...

    1 hr

    20 Australian dollars
  • Email or call 0413 516 098 to enquire

    2 hr 30 min

    Please make enquiry
  • Revitalise your sun damaged, dry, dull skin with this treatment for a ...

    1 hr

    300 Australian dollars
  • Resurface your acne scars, help revitalise and fade pigmentation.

    1 hr

    300 Australian dollars
  • Stimulate collagen production to help improve wrinkles/fine lines, ove...

    30 min

    350 Australian dollars

What is a Lash Lift? 

A lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment best described as a perm for your eyelashes. 

How does the lash lift procedure work?

The technician separates your lower and upper lashes and applies a silicone pad to your upper lid. A balm is applied to your lashes to the pad to start shaping your eyelashes into a deeper curl. Lotions containing the right chemicals are then applied, and each one sets for 10 minutes—meaning the entire treatment takes about 30 minutes to one hour.

How long does a lash lift last?

A lash lift can last anywhere from 4-8 weeks. This will depend on how quickly your lashes grow and regenerate, and how well you care for your lashes. You can try extending the results by using eyelash growth serums, but the treatment is not meant to be permanent.

Are lash lifts damaging to eyelashes?

Lash lifts, when performed correctly and by a skilled professional, are generally considered safe and do not cause damage to the eyelashes. However, it's important to understand the procedure and follow proper aftercare to minimize any potential risks.


Eyre Street, Ballarat Central VIC, Australia; home salon and mobile services available in Ballarat and Melbourne Metropolitan upon request.

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My name is Sam


I'm a mum, Registered Nurse, lover of scrumptious food, wine, good company, self care and founder of Luminaest.

The obsession my gorgeous daughters had with ruining their beautiful eyelashes  by clamping them everyday with an eyelash curler is the inspiration behind Luminaest.

Everyone deserves a little pampering every now and then - when we feel good about ourselves, we glow from the inside and exude confidence. Self care is an indulgence we all deserve.

Open up the windows to your soul by pampering yourself and your lashes with a lash lift and tint at Luminaest.

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Like many teens, I regularly used the 'Clamper' to lift and curl my lashes. What I didn't realise was how broken I had made them. One session with Luminaest has me convinced to throw it away. The care taken to 'fix' my broken lashes, lift and tint was amazing. And so peaceful. Thank you!


Thank you so much Luminaest for such an amazing lash lift and tint! The process was so relaxing and my eyelashes look so much longer and more luscious now. It was also very affordable, and I would definitely recommend it!


A very professional and relaxing experience. Absolutely love the look of my eyelashes!
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